Can You Change Your Mind After Getting Breast Implants?

Published: 22nd April 2010
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The most popular plastic surgery procedure in the world is breast augmentation surgery - all women want larger breasts! Women believe they will look and feel sexier if they have bigger, firmer breasts. Many feel the bigger their breasts are, the better their life will be. It doesn't matter if the surgery is also correcting a natural defect, balancing uneven shapes, eliminating droop and sag, or just increasing size - women feel they will be more attractive with breast implants.

The primary motivation for breast implant surgery is feeling sexier. But what if, after she undergoes the procedure, a woman changes her mind? Maybe she can't handle the criticism from family and friends. Maybe she doesn't like the changes in how her co-workers treat her, or how the additional unwanted male attention makes her feel. Whatever the reason, she feels a negative impact on her life and she wants to reverse the operation. Is it possible?

Of course it is! However, it won't happen right away, and you should wait long enough to make sure you won't change your mind again.

Breast implant surgery is a very invasive procedure. After surgery, each breast has an incision at the point where the implant was inserted. Tissue, skin, and muscle (depending on where the implant sits) were stretched to their limits to accommodate the implant, so the breasts will be bruised and extremely swollen. This is all normal. In addition, your new bigger and firmer breasts will feel awkward, and generally take some getting used to.

If you ask your surgeon to remove your implants, he is going to tell you to wait at least six or nine months after surgery. It actually takes that long for the body to heal completely. By the time all the swelling is gone, the breasts will be ten to fifteen percent smaller after they've settled into their natural shape. You might end up very happy with that size.

If you have already waited nine months or so after your implant surgery, consult with your original plastic surgeon about removing the implants. If for some reason you do not wish to have the reverse surgery performed by the same surgeon, seek out another plastic surgeon that is board-certified in breast augmentation. Most will not charge for the initial consultation. He will have the most accurate information and latest technology to best serve you. He will also be able to give you a realistic expectation of what the removal surgery results will be.

Removing the implants is much easier than the insertion operation, sometimes taking less than thirty minutes total. Of course, you will have to suffer through a recovery period just as you would from any surgery. You will also have to pay several thousand dollars at the bare minimum. Remember, you most likely will not look exactly as you did before the implant surgery, so you may want to discuss other options your surgeon suggests for reshaping your natural breasts.

When originally having implant surgery, some women choose adjustable salines expressly to alleviate the problem of reversal surgery. Some of the saline implants have an adjustable valve that allows the surgeon to go back in and remove some of the filler to shrink the implant.

Please note: this article is not intended to provide medical advice. Only accept advice relating to your health from a licensed physician.

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